HERE ARE ALL CRITICS FROM TIMBERS SHOWS to exemplify his deficiency+benefits.

18.03.2006 National puppyshow, Skien, Norway
Judge: Steinar Balken (N)
Strong male. Good type. Some steep in shoulder.Good head and expression. Wellplaced ears. Nice parralells in head. Backlegs good angulated. Good movment from the side, but with some high movement in the front. Good coat and color. Needs more training to show the teeth. Best male, BOS / puppyshow

02.04.2006 National puppyshow, Drammen, Norway
Judge: ? (N)
6,5 month.. Very promising malepuppy, perfect condition, very good proportions. Masculine, wedge-shaped head with the rigth expression. Overall wellconstructed, but a little bit for thick. Overall very nice. Very promising !
Best male, BOB, Best In FCI Group 1 / puppyshow

Timber with father Fakaiser's Exit
Hemsedal 2006
03.06.2006 Belgian Shepherd Special, (international show) Hemsedal, Norway Special Breed Judge: Wilhemine Van Deijil (B)
8,5 month. Compl. Scissorbite, good type. Good size. Excellent coat. Structure in condition. Nice mack (?) head, clean (?) expressive. Good parallel. Good stop. Excellent dark eyes. Well set ears. Enough neck. Good body equal angulated. Good bones. Stands well. Good tail. Young movement. Excellent temperament. Very promising. ExcellentBest male, BOS / puppyshow

04.06.2006 Belgian Shepherd Special, (international show) Hemsedal, Norway Special Breed Judge: Benoit Thevenon (F)
Compl. bite. Good expressions and proportions. Very good eyes. Good ears well carried. Well prop. body. Topline good. Good croup. Very good chest. Exclusive bones. Well angulated. Back feet a bit open. Movement allrigth for young dog. ExcellentBest male, BOS / puppyshow

Brother Marco & Timber '06 Drammen
18.06.2006 Norwegian Kennel Klub (international show) Drammen, Norway
Judge: Poul Ørnemark (DK)
Good shaped, good body, 9. month old, harmonic masculine male. Very nice head. Corr. bite. Wellplaced ears. Good pigmented. Good formed back and chest. Strong bones. Well-groomed. Good angulated. Nice movement. Good coat. Excellent, HP, Vinner juniorclass, CAC, 2. best male.

28.10.2006 National show, Letohallen, Norway
Judge: Christiane Broecker Schneider (Lux)
13. month., very good coat kondition, nice neck and topline. Still thin chest. Enough angulated. Good pigmented eyes. Full strong scissorbite. Unfortunately he turns the backfeet outside in stand and movement. Because of this ge only gets "very good". Very Good in juniorclass.

19.11.2006 Norwegian Kennel Klub/ Nordic Vinner Show (international) Hamar, Norway Judge: Giuseppe Alessandra (I)
14 month. Good size, very masculine. Nice head. Corr. teeth. Good neck. Corr. in the front. Nice body. Good topline. Moving not strong in the back. Excellent, HP, Vinner in juniorclass, CAC, 3. best male, Nordic Junior Vinner 2006

20.01.2007 National show, Sandefjord, Norway
Judge: Rodi Hübenthal (N)
Maximum size. Well built for his age. Masculine head. Good expression. Good neck. Strong back. Wellshaped bryst. Normal angulated in front and behind. Moves good from side, but som cowhocked. Good coat. Excellent, 2. best male in juniorclass

24.02.2007 Norwegian Kennel Klub, (international show) Bø, Norway Judge: Carl Gunnar Stafberg (S)
Excellent type. 65cm. Nice head. Eyes a little light in color. Corr. bite. Excellent neck. Good back. Good angulated. Moves with good steplength. Nice general impression. Excellent, Vinner in juniorclass, CAC, res.CACIB, 2. best male

03.06.2007 Norwegian Kennel Klub, (international show) Drammen, Norway Judge: Miklos Levente (Hungary)
Stands good. Nice head. Neck should be longer. Good back. Deep chest. Good angulated. Driveful movement. Sometimes pacing. Excellent, HP, 2. best male in juniorclass

11.08.2007 Norwegian Kennel Klub, (international show) Bjerke, Norway Judge: Stelios Makaritis (Greece)
Nice type.Very nice head. Lovely ears. Lovely body + chest + topline. In good kontition. I prefer a stronger hindquarter. Moves quite nice. Excellent, Best male in youngclass, CACquality, 4. best male

10.11.2007 National show Kongsberg, Norway
Judge: Knut Helge Pedersen (N)
Excellent type. Masculine shaped head. Nice eyes. Well placed ears. Corr. bite. Good neck and front. Good and harmonic bones. Fri effective movement. Nice character. Excellent, Vinner in open class, CAC, Best male, BOS, Champion 

23.11.2007 Norwegian Kennel Klub, (international show) Hamar, Norway Judge: Ole Staunskjær (DK)
Coarse. Wishes more neck. ….. Can't read the handwriting ?
Very good color and coat. Movement to close. Cow hocked. Very good, Championclass

19.01.2008 National show, Sandefjord, Norway
Judge: Rita Reyners (Belgia)
2,5 years. Big size, but good proportions. Correct bite. Good ears set. Eyes could be darker. Head could be a bit more refind. Angulation in harmony. Good coat. Hock turned in movement. Excellent, Vinner Championclass, CACquality, BOB

10.05.2008 Belgian Shepherd Special, (international show) Hemsedal, Norway Special Breed Judge: Anne Lipscombe (GB)
2,5 years old male. Scissorbite. Entire. Eyes light. Ears wide set, but usen effectively. Overall head lacks elegance. Dog is of very good character. Dog has good bone. Bodyshape off square. Chest well developed. Paddles in front on the move, but holds topline well.Excellent, 4. best male Championclass 

11.05.2008 Belgian Shepherd Special, (international show) Hemsedal, Norway Special Breed Judge: Cath Bond (GB)
2,5 years old entire male. Compl. scissorbite. Medium sized ears, slightly wide set. Strong masculine head of good length. Very good stop. Excellent almond shaped eye, light in color. Good reach of neck. Very good square shaped body. Excellent front angulation. Has a tendence to stand cow hocked. Loose rear movement and toes in at the front. good brisk side movement. Overall a very mature male who even though he is big boned still has some style about him. Excellent, CACquality, 4. best male Championclass

09.11.2008 National show Kongsberg, Norway
Judge: Suncica Lazic (Serbia)
Excellent prop. Typical head. Compl.teeth, scissor. Beautyful expression. Dark pigment. Square body. Excellent topline and tail position. Deep chest. Front legs parallel with correct angulation. The hind legs correct angulated, but in movem. not parallel, the feet is going a little outside. Excellent temperament, good character. Coat good quality + texture, a little red on the top. Excellent, CACquality, Best male Championclass, BOB, 4. best breed FCI group 4

21.11.2008 Norwegian Kennel Klub, (international show) Hamar, Norway Judge: Thord Bystrøm (S)
Masculine male. Very good type. Good expression. Little wide in hindhead. Well carried ears. Normal angulated. Good bone. Coat ok. Good character. Moves with outside hindfeet. Excellent, 3. best male championclass

21.02.2009 Norwegian Kennel Klub, (international show) Bø, Norway
Judge: Andrzej Stepinski (Poland)
Very good size and proportions. Excellent top neck, topline. Very good both ends. A litle masculine head. Full mouth. nice profile and expression. Moves well. Good coat condition.Excellent, Vinner championclass, CACquality, Best male, CACIB, BOS

30.05.2009 Belgian Shepherd Special, (international show) Hemsedal, Norway Special Breed Judge: Bente Harlem (N)
3,5 years. Compl. scissorbite. Good size. Good length in head, wishes more parralel lines. A little wide in head. Allmond shaped brown eyes.Wellplaced little ears. Short neck, short body. A little long loins. Well angulated hind legs, some short in front. Good bones and feet. Wishes some lighter movement. Good movement from the side. A bit loose in front and some weak hocks. Good coat condition, but for red in color today. ("Because of this only: very good today".) Very good, Championclass