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Timber is a healthy and lively senior 9 years old 2015.  
As far as I know at any offspring either from the mother Kybele or the father Exit or their littermates appeared Epilepsy. I know that in a few kombination with grandfather Boetsch, has some developed epilepsy, but I don't know any case of epilepsy from Fakaiser's A and E litter which father Exit is from and I don't know any siblings of Woodshine's k-litter from mother Kybele is from. But in the lines from the mother are known cases of stomach cancer and from the father allergy. 

DNA color
Timber is DNA color testet. He is homozygot dominant black and he can only give solid black puppies. 

He is carrier of black/tan (at) + resessiv black (a) too, and with a probability of 50% the puppies will be genetic carriers of (at) or (a). 
With genetic tests it is no problem to find out who is carrier and it helps to prevent that wrong color come into appearance.

This is the text from the genetic labor: 

Born Extreme Timber
genotyp KB/KB = dominant homozygot black 
Genetic analysis K-Lokus (PCR)
Result: K-Lokus
Result: genotype KB/KB

Interpretation: The dog is homozygous for the dominant allele KB at
the K-Locus. That means the coat is solid coloured in the pigmented
areas and that the Agouti locus is not expressed. The dog colour
is determined by B-Locus.
The dog can only pass the dominant KB allele onto its offsprings (= Timber is dominant homozygot black and can only give solid black puppies)

The result is only valid for the submitted sample.
Genetic analyses A-Lokus Agouti (PCR)
Result: A-Lokus
Result: genotype at/a

Interpretation: The dog is heterozygous for the allele at/a at
the A-Locus. That means the coat is black-and-tan/tricolor in the
pigmented areas if the A-Locus is expressed (depending on the K-Locus).
The dog will pass the at-Allele onto its offspring
with a probability of 50%.
The result is only valid for the submitted sample.

pedigree-id: NKK-23256/05
chip-id: 578098100148860
tatoo-id: ---

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Fr. Dipl.-Ing. Christina Iff

Abt. Molekularbiologie

Here som info about color&genetic:

* a (w) not in Belgian Shepherd
* K br not in Belgian Shepherd